As founding teams go, our background is pretty diverse. Between the three of us we have experience spanning mechanical engineering to bond trading to craft beer. We’re located in NYC but originally from Austin, Texas, which obviously makes us breakfast taco snobs. And our daily morning playlist? Jimmy Buffett, Florence and the Machine, and, yes, some Justin Beiber.


Lisa Burton

Co-Founder / Chief Data Scientist

Lisa holds a PhD and master's degree (SM) from MIT and BS from Duke, all in Mechanical Engineering. She previously built and led data science teams at two start ups in Austin and has consulted for several companies. She probably drew a graph for fun while you were reading this.

Head shot.jpg

Mike Sorgenfrei

Co-Founder / CEO

Mike graduated from Santa Clara University (BS in Finance). After years of experience in finance and sales, Mike decided to launch the company of his dreams. Mike might have a reputation for being a talker, but one thing that rises above the noise is his belief that teamwork makes the dream work.

Pat Killoren

VP, Adoption

Pat holds a BA in Business from Virginia Tech. After years in sales and business development, he went on to head the marketing department for Resignation Brewery. There, he realized his passion for advocate marketing and made a (tearful) goodbye from the beer business in pursuit of bigger things.